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Last Update: 2020-06-05

Calefficient is out!!!

Catch the next 🚀 and grab it in the G Suite Marketplace. 3, … 2, … 1! And you are launched, your time management will never be the same again, enjoy!


Nature made time and energy are our most scarce resources. We believe that every single person can make the most of these resources and achieve their full potential. This is why we created Calefficient.

Calefficient allows you to know how you spent your time. Allocate time to the most important things in your life and Calefficient will chart your time balance at any moment of the week.

How it works?

Calefficient is a Google Spreadsheet Add-on. It analyzes the events in your Google Calendars and generates statistics sheets and charts on how you spent your time for a given period, e.g. current week or last month.

Schedule and log your activities in your Google Calendar, Calefficient will handle the rest :)

Take a look at how to get started, tips and tricks in our Wiki.


  • Life can be overwhelming, never forget to allocate time to the most important things in your life
  • Make better decisions. Every moment, consciously or unconsciously, you choose how you spend your time. Data-driven decisions are scientifically proven to result in better outcomes for you
  • Filter your commitments, always know what you are giving up when taking on a new commitment
  • Know exactly how you spend your time, plan accordingly
  • Integration with Google Calendar
    • Use a familiar and simple tool
    • Mange all your time in one place
    • Easy logging of events
    • Sync with your favorite calendar app


  • Week and month statistics
  • Charts for spent and allocated activities
  • Analysis for multiple calendars
  • Automatic update of the current week statistics sheet
  • Statistics for arbitrary start and end dates
  • Tags: analysis for event categories within a single calendar
  • Calendar renaming and grouping
  • Define weekly or monthly time targets per calendar or tag and monitor your progress
  • Do you multi-task? Define priorities for statistics and account for the most important activity only
  • Preserve Google Calendar colors in pie charts
  • Week start configurable to Monday or Sunday
  • Adjust charts to screen size
  • Flexible to your life changes: analysis settings can be configured per sheet
  • Global analysis settings
  • Load analysis settings to or from sheet

Made with ❤ by a theoretical physicist and a quantum engineer.


Feel free to drop us a line at calefficient.service {the usual email symbol}

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